Friday, 17 December 2010

Microsoft not here on Web 3.0

I just did a search on Google for +Microsoft +"Web 3.0", I read some articles about a determined Microsoft buying up Semantic web firms about 3 years ago determined not to fall behind on Web 3.0, and then I read about Expressions Web 3.0 and the trail goes cold.

Though I am sure that Microsoft has a Web 3.0 R&D budget it has so much Web 2.0 and basic mobile ground to catch up on its hard to see it able to move solidly in to this space. Likely Microsoft presence in Web 3.0 will be mediated via Facebook, which I see more and more as Microsoft 2.0 and Microsoft 3.0.

In time I am sure Facebook and Microsoft will merge, but I am starting to think Microsoft will the purchased and not the buyer.

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