Friday, 17 December 2010

Web 3.0 Hype

Cyberport's Chief Executive on Web 3.0 and Technology in Hong Kong - Hong Kong - WSJ:
"Paul Lim wrote:
This is all hype and no substance. We aren’t even sure what Web 2.0 is, much less Web 3.0"

Recently we have noticed a large number of articles, usually in business publications like WSJ and the Economist, expressing confusion and cynicism about the concept of Web 3.0.

This comment takes it to the point of raising doubts about the entire Web numbering scheme.

Though hype is always a danger in software, we are confident that the web can be seen as landing in three generations and that these are very well known, that the term has taken off because it is so extremely clearly web Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 are.

Web 2.0 is fairly simply term for social practices developed via a 2 way read-write Internet.

In the first version of the Web read was cheap but write was expensive and/or time consuming.

This was a period dominated by web publishing, we a few content sources producing items intended to be consumed by a mass market in line with traditional media market.

Web 2.0 emerged when more and more site provides the ability of users to create content as well as consume it. What makes a Web 2.0 site is that it grants unique accounts to users to produce content. That simple. So CNN, BBC, or other new sites are not Web 2.0 as Facebook, Blogger, Twitter and Flickr are.

The only reason Web 2.0 as a term may be losing value is the fact that almost all sites are learning to use Web 2.0 features, and a well designed site today will include links to Facebook, Twitter, and comments.

Web 3.0 is the next stage of evolution of the web made possible by mobile technology. Mobile technology will make location services more important, with people able to use the Internet to guide them to places.

So Web 1.0 was all about What and When. Web 2.0 added Who, and Web 3.0 will add Where.

Thus with Web 3.0 the Internet will provide data services strongly tied with locations. Everything will have a place and your smartphone and other mobile device will be aware of data around it.

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