Saturday, 11 December 2010

Welcome to the Web 3.0 Lab

Total Social Media see the Internet moving to a mobile platform, growing to containing real world and real time data about people, places and things that make up our day to day life. Some people call this "the Internet of things" some "Web 3.0", but what every you call it we are going to see a lot of changes just around the corner. The Internet is going to become an ever present part of our lives.

The Web 3.0 Lab is looking for engaged professionals and scholars who will work with us to explore some of the key issues of this new world. They include:
  • Security and privacy in a geo-positioned data Internet world;
  • Future of the workplace beyond Windows and Offices;
  • Merging the real world in to the world of computer games;
  • Investigating computing and device platforms for the new age;
  • Interface and usability;
  • Semantic web and finbaility;
  • Building a sustainable future;
  • Democracy in an age of the Internet;
  • Virtual and Augmented reality.
But how this will evolve is up to us. Total Social Media is determined to build an engaged community who will seek to understand and influence the social changes facilitated by these new technical changes. That is why we are seeking skilled individuals in all walks of life to work with us and collaborate in understanding the future.

We are seeking to create a new kind of lab, one without walls or offices. A lab made up of hundreds of thinking individuals all over the world who want to gain a better understanding of how technology is changing and how in turn it is changing us.

We have a number of big projects we wish to carry out, projects looking at the creation of space based knowledge in the Internet and producing new interfaces that free uses from the traditional limitations of Windows and Offices, but we need collaborators to get there.

All we are asking of participants is their time and their points of views. We seek to have the lab grounded on blogs, wikis and social networks. We aim to create an extremely low cost, agile, global network with a low carbon footprint. This all may sound Utopian, but it is all possible here and now.

So put on your best "lab coat" and join us in our effort to understand and influence the future.

To learn more follow this blog, or go to our Web 3.0 Lab site.

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