Tuesday, 4 January 2011

API Documentation - WikiLocation - The Definitive API for Geo-Coded Wikipedia Articles

"As this API has just launched, it is highly advisable that you let me know if you build an application so I can contact you should any of the API details change - it's also great to see what people are building and take your feedback on board to improve the service! Alternatively, you can subscribe to the web log on my website or follow @WikiLocation on Twitter for all of the latest updates."

The WikiLocation Restful API is an amazing RESTFUL API for accessing the location of not only Wikipedia articles but also Foursquare and Gowalla. It also works with Yahoo WOEID. A WOEID from Yahoo is a unique identifier for Yahoo! GeoPlanet and as long as Yahoo! GeoPlanet sticks around it gives a nice clean unique 32 bit id for everything Yahoo! knows about space.

WOEID provides a hierarchy of objects, that gives developers a way to move up or down in location concepts from the venue level of foursquare all the way up to cities and nations. WOEIDs can give you information about the type of place a location is. A list of the types of WOEID comes from Yahoo!

Place Type Name Place Type Code Description
Continent 29 One of the major land masses on the earth. GeoPlanet is built on a seven-continent model: Asia (24865671), Africa (24865670),
North America (24865672), South America (24865673), Antarctica (28289421), Europe (24865675), and Pacific (Australia, New
Zealand, and the other islands in the Pacific Ocean -- 24865674).
Country 12 One of the countries and dependent territories defined by the ISO 3166-1 standard.
Admin 8 One of the primary administrative areas within a country. Place type names associated with this place type include: State,
Province, Prefecture, Country, Region, Federal District.
Admin2 9 One of the secondary administrative areas within a country. Place type names associated with this place type include: County,
Province, Parish, Department, District.
Admin3 10 One of the tertiary administrative areas within a country. Place type names associated with this place type include: Commune,
Municipality, District, Ward.
Town 7 One of the major populated places within a country. This category includes incorporated cities and towns, major unincorporated
towns and villages.
Suburb 22 One of the subdivisions within a town. This category includes suburbs, neighborhoods, wards.
Postal Code 11 One of the postal code areas within a country. This category includes both full postal codes (such as those in UK and CA)
and partial postal codes. Examples include: SW1A 0AA (UK), 90210 (US), 179-0074 (JP).
Supername 19 A place that refers to a region consisting of multiple countries or an historical country that has been dissolved into current
countries. Examples include Scandinavia, Latin America, USSR, Yugoslavia, Western Europe, and Central America.
Colloquial 24 Examples are New England, French Riviera, 関西地方(Kansai Region), South East England, Pacific States, and Chubu Region.
Time Zone 31 A place that refers to an area defined by the Olson standard. Examples include America/Los Angeles, Asia/Tokyo, Europe/Madrid.

I think you see where this is leading: an ability to link locations and semantics and using WikiLocation its all in one API.

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