Saturday, 8 January 2011

Information Builders Mobile BI, BI for Web 3.0

The sales pitch from Information Builders sounds right, and BI tools for the mobile are a key area. People are going to want to know how performance is where they are when they are there. Using PC demand that managers and staff remember their questions.

Mobile Reporting Solution Center:

"Jumpstart Your Mobile BI Initiative
How organizations deliver and disseminate information is on the cusp of a new era. Converging to create a viral environment primed for the rapid adoption of mobile computing are several technological, sociological, and economic factors, including:

"Interchangeable browser interfaces on mobile devices and laptop computers

"Widespread adoption of multifunctional mobile devices, know as smartphones

"Demands from both management and line-of-business employees to improve productivity by making better use of workers' time"

We at Total Social Media see mobile Intelligence (not just BI but dials and graphs for a large set of information) as a key factor in the future of the web.

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