Saturday, 19 February 2011

Anticipating more protests in North Bahrain today

Update 11 AM GMT Saturday 19 February

From our morning analysis of the intensity of tweeting in North Bahrain, the pattern and spread of this intensity, and the content of #Bahrain and #lulu hashtag on Twitter we are predicting that there is a high probability of continued civil unrest and protest in North Bahrain, and that the Regime will agian likely not be able to contain or control the scale or extent of protests.

Track tweeting from around Lulu Pearl Roundabout in real time with this tool.

UPDATE: We have been reading hundreds of tweets on the #Bahrain hastag in twitter which almost all confirm that a peaceful large demonstration has moved towards Pearl Roundabout.

As we predicted the protests have developed and major news agencies are now reporting that protesters have retaken Pearl Roundabout. See CNN story.

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