Friday, 18 February 2011

Blocking internet in Bahrain not uncommon-how to bypass the system

The web 3.0 lab has learned from tweeters that the largest ISP and maintainer of Bahrain Internet Exchange Batelco since January 2009 has been running an active campaign to block and censor tweets and facebook activity. Be aware that the following IP providers who currently own all of the services provided to the people of Bahrain are probably watching you.

ISP services in Bahrain suspected of spying with the government are:

E-mail service provided by Bahrain Telecommunications Company

Body established by government decree to connect Internet Service Providers, in order to increase local traffic and content, as well as reduce the cost of purchasing international bandwidth

Providers of fully integrated ICT solutions for consumers & businesses; offers ETISL IP telephony, More international calling cards, national & international connectivity, Internet, hosting, comprehensive ICT solutions etc

Telecommunications company based in Manama; services: carrier pre-select, two-way satellite, broadband applications, international prepaid calling cards, total communication solutions etc

Providers of Internet, telephony & VSAT services in Bahrain; offers pre-paid & post-paid international call services, international calling cards, Internet leased lines, ADSL services, web site development etc

Alternative telecommunications provider that offers converged services including voice, Internet & television over a single broadband connection; head office is in Amwaj Islands; strategic partners include Cisco Systems & British Telecom

Here are the providers in Bahrain which many tweets confirm are working with the government. If you cannot tweet remember there are alternatives ways around this.

TOR Originated as an acronym of The Onion Routing project


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