Saturday, 26 February 2011

Cognitive Cities Conference, 26. & 27. February, Berlin

Cognitive Cities Conference, 26. & 27. February, Berlin

Its too late to get tickets but we are following it right now on twitter with the hashtag #cocities.

This conference is one in a set which have been happening around the world working for form a community around thinking about technology, the net, community, sustainability, and urban planning. The aim is to apply lessons learned from the web to try and design smarter cities.

With th population of the worlds major cities booming this is certainly a solid objective. But as Stewart Brand pointed out in BBC documentary How Buildings Learn, too much design and too much thinking can ruin buildings.
Perhaps the biggest question is if in a Web 3.0 world of smart cities and crowd sourced solution to real world real time problems, is their any value in a conference?

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