Saturday, 12 February 2011

The developing world is adopting tweeting at levels as high or higher than much of the developed world

Tonight about 9 pm GMT we look at the time zones just a head of us.

The emerging markets are tweeting at very high levels. Using the Clima Tweether tool we are ranking Lagos in Nigeria Moscow is also a high at about 80

In contrast Helsinki is about 5 and but Brussels is about 70 on the same scale.

Scales are logarithmic not linear so a difference of 70 to 80 is far more than 10 to 20 and 5 to 10 is far more than 10 to 20. As the intensity of tweeting increases the ranting increases less for tweet, so tweets of 80 are far more than twice 40.

But even though tweeting is popular in the developing word, tweeting is still dominate in high technology developed cities. Amsterdam at the same time had a 96, very high. Strangely the Dutch have taken to tweeting so much while their very similar souther neighbor Brussels is far lower at 65

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