Wednesday, 23 February 2011

More help buzzing on Twitter for Libyans as Dutch ISP opens up internet access to help Libyan opposition - which Gaddafi can't shut down!

Dutch ISP opens up internet access to help Libyan opposition

Big Brother Watch has passed on information about a Dutch ISP which helps Libyans access the internet, the details are provided below. This was on twitter and I am picking up more and more independent international support for people to block Gadaffi from getting information out.

"Gaddafi has ordered all state and privately-run internet service providers be shut down."

XS4ALL, an ISP operating in the Netherlands, has opened up its phone lines to allow people whose internet access has been cut off in Libya to access the internet via their dial-up modems.

In order to access the server, people will have to dial +31205350535 and input 'xs4all' in the username and password box.

While those using the XS4ALL service will incur extremely high international 'phone call charges when calling a number in the Netherlands, this service could prove vital in assisting anti-Gaddafi activists in their efforts to communicate with each other and the wider world.

XS4ALL should be saluted for this small - but nonetheless crucial - contribution to the fight against tyranny in Libya."

Source: Big Brother Watch-

Photo By Gail Orenstein-Web 3. 0 Lab

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