Saturday, 26 February 2011

Gadaffi says he will fight with weapons, but the opposition says it will fight with the power of technology!!

Photo By Gail Orenstein/web 3.0 Lab all rights reserved. This young woman said she heard about the rally on facebook at The Libyan Youth Movement page where she said it asks you if you will attend or not. so she was texting other members of that group to see if she could meet up with them. The group on facebook had been used to mobilize those to come together at the rally and they could even meet up.

The web 3.0 lab has been capturing citizens oat the protests using all sorts of technology to communicate with each other and as they tell us to tweet and check and post on facebook. Well today it appears to be even more so. Pained faces, nails and sometimes dressed in very traditional clothes, all of these protesters had used technology to unite.

Photo By Gail orenstein/web 3.0 Lab all rights reserved. Many felt proud to show off what they considered their contribution in helping mobilise people.

Libyans were out in full force at the protest in Speakers Corner were they marched to Downing Street. One weapon that was in full force today was the mobile phone. From young to old, they were tweeting, posting to facebook and checking there emails.

You could not help but notice the amount of mobile technology ever present in today's rally.
Photo By Gail Orenstein/web 3.0 all rights reserved. LabThis young man was determined to make sure his videos went straight to YouTube. He said that he was taking 10 minute clips of the rally and immediately uploading them to his YouTube account so he could broadcast these as soon as possible to the world.

Photo By Gail Orenstein/Web 3.0 Lab, all rights reserved. This woman came dressed in a full Chador. Although she said she did not use Twitter, she was using her mobile to text her friends to see where they were at the rally. She also said her daughters are “more up to date tools on the mobile phone than she was". But with that said, she always has her mobile phone on her just in case, she said she does know how to take photos and use the video camera.

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