Sunday, 27 February 2011

India crosses 723.28 million Mobile Users – says it will surpass China soon

The web 3.0 lab has found information from India Telecoms news which reports that India will have 100% teledensity by 2013. Teledensity – means that there are more mobile users in India than than the number of people living in India.

They claim that this oputs the number of mobile connections close to 1.1 billion users in this market. With this kind of growth India Telelcoms says that India is going to surpass China in then mobile phone market.

The Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) released the latest numbers on Mobile subscribers which puts the Total Subscribers at 723.28 million. India Telecoms has said that they have followed this and this has been the trend for the last 6 years. That mobile phone users increased every year.

They also say that there is a caveat in all this though, it is assumed that Indian Telecom Operators are reporting the correct numbers.

Source:India Telecom News:

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