Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The Internet of Images

With all the focus on services like Twitter it is easy to think that Web 3.0 is all about "txt." Nothing could be further from the truth. If anything Web 3.0 is first and foremost the exchange of a web of words and memes for a web where words and memes are linked to images. Web 3.0 key principle is the introduction of space as a key organizing concept of the web. Web pages before this were concentrated on meaning. Google Search is meaning search. Facebook, the king of Web 2.0 right now, brought the most massive Social Network the world had ever seen. Linking people together as nodes in massive Social Graphs.

But its often hard to read these Social Graphs in meaningful ways. What we live with every day in the real world is a complex rich concept of space. Space is what makes our world meaningful, what gives context to everything we do and think and say. And with Web 3.0 space can link concepts.

Like this image above. It can be tagged with metadata links. But simply giving it a time and place tag links it so much more richly in to the world of data than any set of key words are will be able to do. Because something happened at a certain time in a certain place, an event. And events are what compose life.

And what is what Social Networks joining of real time and spatial information gives the web: a life.
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