Sunday, 20 February 2011


There is not geo-tagged information coming out of Libya at all.

From our Semantic research in Facebook and Twitter using translation tool we are reading reports of groups desperately trying to use Social Networks to organize resistance against the regime.

In twitter we are following hastags

Also we are watching a number of key tweeps, often using translation. We are following tweeps such as:


They are confirming via various forms of communication that the revolt is spreading. These protesters clearly are preparing for violence and main of the tweets are call to prepare for a hard fight.

We have just tested the dial up

User: telecomix
Password: telecomix

From London we were able to get online using this, so please forward this.

Anonymous has produced video giving information on how to access the Internet from Libya. But reports are the the phone number is wrong, use the one in this post. The music is a bit to melodramatic for our taste, but that is Anonymous for you.

Anonymous has been doing outstanding work in helping to get Internet access to people in Libya, who are getting through to twitter and Facebook to organize large groups of people.

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