Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Libya Internet Curfew Could Affect .ly Domains, Possibly


As strife-torn Libya interrupts Internet access, users worry about the fate of their URL shortening service

"As the violence escalated in Libya, following the mass wave of demonstrations that has swept the Middle East region in the past few weeks, the government took the all-predictable step of restricting access to the Internet. This has triggered a debate about the fate of false Libyan (,ly) domains – such as, the shortened URL service. CEO John Borthwick wrote on Quora, a Q&A site: “Should Libya block Internet traffic, as Egypt did, it will not affect or any .ly domain,” he wrote.

For .ly domains to be irresolvable, all five .ly root servers have to be offline, or replying with empty responses, Borthwick wrote. Of the five, only two are in Libya with another two in Oregon and a fifth one in the Netherlands, he said."


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