Saturday, 19 February 2011

Libya protests will not take down domain .ly

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What will happen to links when Gaddafi shuts down the Internet in Libya due to protests?

Today is the planned "Day of Anger" in Libya with protests similar to Tunisia, Egypt etc. - Shutting down the Internet in Libya should be fairly easy for Gaddafi as we have seen in Egypt. Do you think this will affect the links?

John Borthwick, CEO,
Should Libya block Internet traffic, as Egypt did, it will not effect or any .ly domain.

For .ly domains to be unresolvable the five .ly root servers that are authoritative *all* have to be offline, or responding with empty responses. Of the five root nameservers for the .ly TLD: two are based in Oregon, one is in the Netherlands and two are in Libya.

At will continue to do everything we can to ensure we offer our users the best service we possibly can. That includes offering options around which top level domain you use. Many users choose to use as an alternative to, given that it is shorter. Moreover, any link can be re-written as a link by simply replacing the domain. Other customers use our white label options -- where you can "bring your own domain" (see: today "powers" thousands such white label domains. Our job is to provide the best service we can via our sites and our API and we will continue to do that. For now we can only hope for a peaceful resolution to the events in the middle east.

For more background on this issue, see the status report that ICANN posted, in January, on DNS in Egypt:

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