Sunday, 20 February 2011

Libya's state news agency claims mercenaries are killing its people.

Jamahiriya News Agency (JANA) Libya's state run news agency is claiming that international mercenaries are on the ground killing the people. That is the official state comment. Locals on the ground confirm that it is the military on the ground and in the air. Many eyewitnesses say that the army "tricked" the people on the ground saying,we are with you. " We moved to shake the hands of the trusted military after they said they stand by us and than they shot people point blank".

Communication lines remain down and people are using only some phones at this point to contact news agencies who will not confirm the exact toll of fatalities. CNN has stated it will not confirm the death toll as they were denied entry to the country. So far, the reporters that have made it in the country are reporting from anonymous locations and relying on locals to feed them information.

The web lab can confirm that the BBC has stated that there are over 200 fatalities but will not confirm the exact amount because sources are calling in and they cannot confirm these numbers.

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