Sunday, 27 February 2011

Madison Update: Tweeting levels have taken a sudden rise during protest

Tweeting levels from area around Madison protests have risen significantly recently moving from 18 to around 40 in under an hour. Such a sudden rise in tweeting indicates that the group is starting to post information from the protest, and potentially getting in contact with national strikes happening around the country.

Given the news of sympathy demonstrations in other cities this could be a part of a process of national organization starting to take place at the grassroots.

Or it could be after the event and people are posting images and thoughts or just planning for rest of the weekend.

We have been watching our measure of St Louis vs Madison all day to baseline tweeting from Madison rallies. For most of the day Madison was well below levels in St Louis, a roughly comparable sized American city in the same time zone. But in the past hour this has changed dramatically with Madison tweeting surging well above St Louis

We conclude that the rally in Madison was more motivational to participants, that after the protest they began communicating with others. We assume much of that tweeting is different Union protests groups around the country communicating with each other. We will be looking or the potential creation of new Facebook sites in the near future to see if today marks an expansion of nation wide protests.

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