Sunday, 20 February 2011

News agencies dependant on User Generated Content from Libya

As the web3.0 lab can confirm that reporters are relying on user generated content. A long-time BBC correspondent from the region Jon Williams also confirms the story.

"The BBC and other news organisations are relying on those on the ground to tell us what's happening. Their phone accounts - often accompanied by the sound or gunfire and mortars - are vivid. However, inevitably, it means we cannot independently verify the accounts coming out of Libya. That's why we don't present such accounts as "fact" - they are "claims" or "allegations".

"Similarly, the flow of video - the so-called "user-generated-content" - has dwindled to a trickle as the authorities have periodically turned off the Internet. That means we have an additional responsibility - to be clear with our audiences not just what little we do know, but perhaps more significantly, what we don't."

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