Friday, 18 February 2011


The Web 3.0 Lab is watching tweeting levels and content from Bahrain all this week.

Track in real time with this tool.

From what we are seeing we can conclude with HIGH confidence that more people are tweeting from protests all over Northern Bahrain than any time since the revolt started. That government efforts to disperse crowds have results in a mass protest. Many of these people are openly tweeting and posting images and videos of the event. Local groups are using Twitter to coordinate demonstrations.

Based upon the level of tweeting and the content of information being posted to the Internet from Bahrain we are calling this a revolution. There is a mass public movement much larger than any seen so far in Bahrain. The movement has become more radical since the crack down.

We believe there is a significant probability that the government will not be able to restore order. Regime in Bahrain may be forced to negotiate or step down in the face of this level of protest.

We have also seen Regime's effort to mobilize pro-government accounts on Twitter has virtually collapsed.

We strongly suspect that a tipping point has been reached in Bahrain based on the content and volume of social media data.
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