Monday, 28 February 2011

Pizza Politics, global politics with or without peppers

This story form about how people all over the world are contributing pizzas to demonstrators in Madison, including a pizza from Egypt. This kind of global gift giving and kudos economy which are every day on the web, are playing a major role in this radical transformation of imagination which is happening now.

From Cairo to Madison, some pizza - Meredith Shiner - "O’Connor said Ian’s got its first call Thursday when a mother of a University of Wisconsin student called and offered to donate $200 to help feed the people her daughter told her had flooded the Capitol. Since then, the outpouring of money from all over the world has put the pizza-makers into overdrive.

The blackboard behind the counter lists the “countries donating” as “Korea, Finland, New Zealand, Egypt, Denmark, Australia, US, Canada, Germany, China, England, Netherlands, Turkey, Switzerland, Italy” and has the abbreviations for all 50 states listed below, with donating states circled."

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