Monday, 21 February 2011

Protests at the Libyan Embassy in London-all generations using facebook and twitter on there mobile devices

Photo By Gail Orenstein-Web 3.0 Lab

I interviewed this woman who is from Tripoli. She said she uses her daughters facebook page to communicate with her family in Libya. Here she had just taken a photo and was about to post it on facebook. She did say she does not no Twitter yet, but loves facebook! Photos were taken of the Embassy workers leaving the building and the protesters were shouting derogatory statements in Arabic-word spread that 2 embassy workers quit in London, but I was unable to verify this.

Both young and old told me that they were using twitter and facebook to communicate to family in Tripoli and Benghazi. We can not verify that extent to which people in London are able to communicate via the Internet with people in Libya but there is a great deal of evidence that people from Libya are able to get some information from their homeland.

Photo By Gail Orenstein/for The Web 3.0 Lab.

This young woman stated she was following twitter, but when I met her she was texting her friends locally in London to see if they were coming to the protests. Mobile devices were used a lot and were everywhere today.

Report by Gail Orenstein

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