Friday, 25 February 2011

Social Networks actually probably produce more sanity than cable TV

Here is a lovely piece of insanity from a "blogger" Steven Birn:

Caliphate Targets Libya, Saudi Arabia Next? « Steven Birn Speaks:

"The middle east is on fire. Egypt has already seen its leader taken out of power thanks to the cooperative work of radical Islamic socialists such as the Muslim Brotherhood and assorted leftists such as Code Pink, AFL-CIO and other international unions. Bahrain is seeing massive protests as are Yemen and Libya. All orchestrated online by the Muslim Brotherhood and other radical Islamic socialist groups. The result is that oil has spiked 8% or more in the last two days."

So in case you missed that Egypt was not only overthrown by Islamic Socialists on Facebook but also a strange alliance of Social Fundamentalist Islamic forces using social networking sites like Facbook and Twitter, but also the AFL-CIO and Code Pink, all working together in not only Egypt but Libya and Yemen.

Yes you see this kind of insanity now and then in Twitter. But the thing about Social Networks is crowd sourcing soon drowns a few of these nuts out. I mean how many people really believe this as a percentage of say Faebook's 500,000,000 users.

But Glenn Beck gets an hour a night on America's most watched Cable Network to rant this stuff. Lots of people feel its nuts, but TV is bad at letting in new voice, social media has become very different.

The key thing that is happening now is that social media is becoming political. Modern broadcasting is dominated by the need for single contents sources that are put out to a group. Social Networks take this one way lecture and turn it in to a constant discourse.

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