Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Speak to Tweet and Proxy, making censorship of the Internet history

Even if the Internet is down or censored, people can still use Twitter through a new service from Google and Twitter. Google and Twitter have worked together to provide tweeting to countries facing Internet restrictions and censorship.

The technology was developed by SayNow, which allows people to dictate tweets in voice on their phones. Recently Google has purchased SayNow and the current situation in the Middle East has given the technology a great deal of exposure.

SayNow engineers, has released a service for tweeting without an Internet connection.

Designed specifically for those on the ground unable to communicate via the Internet with the outside world, Speak to Tweet allows anyone with a voice connection to dial three international numbers and have their voice messages sent out as tweets with the hash tag added to those links.

Phone numbers for Speak to Tweet are:


+ 390662207294


Also if Twitter or Google are being blocked the two companies have been racing to release proxy services faster than the governments can censor them. A proxy IP is a long number you can type in to your browser and get access to a web site. The idea of using proxies is that the governments in the regime don't have time to keep track of all the proxies. Presently we have identified 2 proxy servers that are working for Google and twitter.

Internet access available in Libya via IP proxies:



Here is a handy guide making the rounds on the Internet on how to set up a proxy server.

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