Thursday, 24 February 2011

Study Shows Russians Now Trust Internet More Than Other Media Outlets

Internet cafe, Moscow
Russian news and TV have always played a role in Russians getting there information. But now, Russians are increasingly choosing the Internet over other media outlets in their pursuit of "objective" news, a reflection both of their judgments about the quality of reporting, and their dwindling ability to purchase increasingly expensive newspapers and magazines during the current economic crisis.

But now Russians are looking for more outlets to gain information about everything from Politics to Global evens and they are increasingly turning to the Internet as there reliable source. With search engines and so many more choices, the Russian population using the internet is growing. According to the Russian Business rating agency, which said 47 percent of the sample called on-line publications "important" sources of news, while only 33 percent said the same of regional and federal media outlets.

New Focus

The former trend means that more and more people, groups, and governments interested in learning about developments in Russia will need to focus on this medium, and they will need to use the Internet, especially its most sophisticated new forms, if they hope to reach Russian audiences. But the latter trend means that, as has been the case in China and elsewhere, Russian officials will try to impose their control on this form of mass media lest the lack of such control not only reduces the importance of the media they do control, but also fuels challenges to their own power

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