Sunday, 27 February 2011

There is a major truly Global Protest event happening right now

A rather radical and foul mouthed yet informative YouTube video on some of the more radical protests going on in the world and being organized online. It is hard to escape the conclusion that the combination of economic problems and new media are fanning a new kind of mass social movement.

We have been looking at the use of Social Networking tools in protests through the Middle East and there is no escaping that spaces like Facebook and YouTube along with Twitter and other web tools are playing a key role spreading a regional mass protest.

Watching this weekends explosion of Social Networking sites in Madison Wisconsin we have seen:
  1. Massive surge in tweeting coming from the location of the protests. Amounts raising vastly above our established baselines for region and location.
  2. We have seen a great deal of activity on twitter.
  3. We have seen a number of video streaming services.
  4. We are hearing many of the same themes as in Egypt and Bahrain: calls for peaceful protests, civil disobedience, and global solidarity.
  5. We are seeing a ramping up of use of Social Networks to rapidly organize in Madison.
We are also seeing an increase in Facebook and Twitter activity in the UK over planned austerity measures created by the Conservative government. Protests are also being organised with Social Network tools at a very rapid pace.

From these we are confident to conclude:

There is a major truly Global Protest event happening right now. That the extent of this social event is rapidly going viral, and resulting in real world protest.

Web 3.0 technology which allows greater communication independent of space is playing a key role where available.

These movements have some major elements:
  1. Opposition to methods of violence.
  2. Heavy use Social Networks to organize and communicate.
  3. A shared sense of a key event taking place and being connected via the Web.
This global event is above all an event in the imaginations of millions of people around the world. This sense of solidarity started in the Arab world with Tunisia but became global in Egypt and is being made more solid in Libya.

The present event is already well evolved in the Arab world. Today the United States have seen massive protests and protests are taking place regularly in the United Kingdom. Clearly no one has any idea how massive this may become. But clearly the governments in China and Russia are taking this all very seriously.

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