Monday, 28 February 2011

The Uncut Movement is spreading on Facebook

Perhaps inspired by the "Day of Rage" use of Facebook groups in the Jasmine revolution, many groups in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and even Holland are forming a global protest movement named uncut. We are seeing Facebook pages from most countries in Europe now. We are also seeing different levels of organizations. People joining national groups, forming local groups for direction action, and linking in to global groups.

The movement uncut clearly follows many of the cyberactivism patterns we have seen in the Arab revolt:

  • Use of a matrix of connected sites and communities that organize joint protests, this case over large area of Europe and North America, without central administration.

  • Profound distrust of established media as means to communicate and a growing use of sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other sites including self hosted sites.

  • A large global adaption of key themes and images, without these being imposed by anyone

  • Leaderlessness, not seen any real big stars behind uncut, this should be compared to the "Tea Party" movement in the US which from the start had big money backers and large numbers of established media and political players.

The uncut movement had provided a structure for groups of various size, some rather small, in various countries for rapidly form a community organizing global action like the February 26 day of action while allowing local groups to carry out their own planning.

We strongly suspect this is another example of a suddenly empowered determination for groups around the world to use the Internet to organize protests and access media capacity recently monopolized in the hands of a few individuals.

The story of TV and capable over the past 20 years had been move from public ownership to private ownership by a few global entities. Both systems have left common people without much in the way of publication or distribution of ideas. Just 20 years ago most Americans would have had no idea how to publish their ideas or distribute them.

Well the advent of computer social networking has opened a new set of communication channels to people, and 2011 will be remembered as the year when activists around the world embraced these media and decided to use them to promote their own causes. This is not to say that these groups will win, but the ability of people to force causes and stories in to the global consciousness regardless of censorship that exists in their country will be significant. These patterns are fairly larger than most people fully relieved.

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