Sunday, 20 February 2011

The value of Reporting 3.0, twitter analysis and the new news cycle

Using our twitter analysis of the situation in Bahrain we filed the following report:

Update 11 AM GMT Saturday 19 February

From our morning analysis of the intensity of tweeting in North Bahrain, the pattern and spread of this intensity, and the content of #Bahrain and #lulu hashtag on Twitter we are predicting that there is a high probability of continued civil unrest and protest in North Bahrain, and that the Regime will again likely not be able to contain or control the scale or extent of protests.

Some time later BBC reports:

Bahraini protesters celebrates at the Pearl roundabout in Manama, Bahrain, 19 February 2011

BBC News - Day of transformation in Bahrain's 'sacred square':

"Euphoric protesters in Bahrain have re-entered Pearl Square in Manama after security forces pulled out following a deadly crackdown. For many of them, it was viewed as a definitive moment in their struggle, as the BBC's Allan Little reports."

This demonstration we thinks show the potential value of Web 3.0 analysis in accelerating the news cycle. Not just the collection of raw facts, but the ability of people, in this case use located in London, to make better assessment of situations where web access is common.

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