Monday, 21 February 2011


Base upon the start of geotweeting coming out of Benghazi, Libya we a confident that the telecommunication infrastructure in that region is no longer in the hands of the regime, and that Gaddafi must have lost most, if not all, control over much of Eastern Libya.

We have been monitoring Benghazi, Libya for a couple of weeks with out geo-tweeting tool. This tool allows us to follow the density of real time tweeting in Libya or anywhere in the world. Today we saw our first tweets with geotags coming out of Benghazi. We had been looking for this event as we have predicted that he start of geo-located tweeting coming out of Benghazi could only happen once the regime had lost control of the telecommunication infrastructure in the area. Last week we defined this as the event which would show Gaddafi's control in Benghazi had been destroyed.

So the emergence of these first geotagged tweets is a major even in the revolution in Libya.

Just the fact that some tweets are being made from the coast of Benghazi is like a radio transmission from London during the Blitz or a letter from Stalingrad: proof that the people's will is not broken and that they have the will to win.

If ever a proof of the profound value and meaning that Web 3.0 can hold was needed, here it is!
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