Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Bahrain government supporters mounting new large Twitter campgain

We are seeing a large number of twitter accounts who are mounting a pro-government campaign on Twitter to discredit the Anti-government movement. They are very active on the hashtag #unitebh

This may be a sign of a developing democratic discourse
. But he last time we saw activity like this by pro-government tweeps it came just before the crackdown.

There is also a growing number of Facebook groups in support of the government. For example this group is set up against the main global news networks like Al Jazeera and BBC.

All of this indicates that the situation in Bahrain is likely to become more confrontational. The pro-government forces are organizing around the king and key themes of stability, and after a considerable amount of time absent from much of twitter they have returned in force. We are not prepared to say this is another Troll Attack organized by the Regime, but we are keeping an eye on this.
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