Sunday, 6 March 2011

Clinton sees Facebook as a key part of democracy

Photo By Gail Orenstein/courtesy of the web 3.0 lab/clima. From the mobile phone to faceboook-This protester was shooting images with his Blackberry and posting them onto his facebook wall.

Just six months ago I imagined Facebook as little more than a marketing tool. But the strategic use of technology by people should never be underestimated.

Clinton to Support Facebook Freedom, Fight Censorship - Businessweek: "Feb. 16 (Bloomberg) -- Secretary of State Hillary Clinton vowed the U.S. will step up support for global Internet freedom, as citizens using social networking sites run by Facebook Inc. and Twitter Inc. organize demonstrations spreading across the Mideast and North Africa.

Clinton, in her second major speech against Internet restrictions, said recent protests show how technology can accelerate “political, social, and economic change” or “slow or extinguish that change,” referring to government efforts in Egypt, Iran, Syria and elsewhere to restrict online and mobile media."

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