Friday, 25 March 2011

Exploring the surprising world of Twitter

Its interesting to see how tweeting is taking off as a global event. Exploring the intensity of twitter with our Clima Tweeter Meter tool I have found some interesting places of some unexpected high tweeting around the world:

Lagos, Nigeria, the city center sees a constant flow of tweeting. Its not Tokyo or New York, but the residents of Lagos are producing geo-tagged tweets at levels as high as Paris and higher than Berlin.

Frankly I am surprised each time I see tweeting coming from Saudi Arabia. I had imagined a nation so repressive that TV and news papers were restricted, and it is still illegal for women to drive. But the people of Khobar Saudi Arabia seem to love to tweet on mobile devices. In the past weeks, with events in the Gulf and greater Arab world, this medium sized city few people have heard of produces regular vast tweeting.

I seem to always associate Finland with high technology. Still the home of the most used Smartphone and Smartphone OS in the developing world one would image Helsinki would be a major hub of tweep, as twitter users often call themselves. Well it just is not there. Helsinki is a quite place for twitter use, hopefully the national disinterest in to the tool won't be reflected in the next generation of smartphones coming out of Nokia.

One thing is its getting harder and harder to find a populated place that allows geo-tagged tweeting where it has not taken off. We are already working on revising the mathematics of the model we use to assess tweeting intensity in real time, simply because its currently rising far faster than our original model, developed a full 3 months ago, ever imagined.

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