Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Forecasts are pointing to Android driven smartphone boom

Google android is forecasted to drive smartphone sales- The Inquirer:

"SMARTPHONE SALES will grow significantly faster than those of regular feature phones thanks to the success of Google's Android operating system, according to a Pyramid Research report.

"This conclusion is reached by Pyramid's latest mobile handset forecast that looks out to 2015 and predicts that 8.3 billion units will be sold.

"The projected increase is largely down to high growth in the Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific markets, where it predicts a compound annual growth rate of between 7.3 per cent and 10.3 per cent between now and 2015.

"While smartphone sales will grow fast due to Android, the lowest end of the market will also see strong growth. Feature phones, on the other hand, will continue to lose market share over the coming years.

"This will lead to an alleged revenue gold mine worth a whopping $1 trillion, a figure that will have all the major players battling for dominance in what is becoming a hotly contested market."

The Web 3.0 Lab is seeing Android playing a role similar to Windows 95. Before the release of Windows 95 the options for the PC market were either a hard to use Windows DOS machine or a expensive Mac. Apple is great at innovation, but they produce expensive products and tend to impose too much centralization on platform driving the ecosystem to look elsewhere.

Just as Windows 95 extended Window UI to a far larger group of people than Mac ever could hope to, we suspect Android will do the same on the tablet market and smartphone market.

We are also watching the space of Windows Mobile 7 closely now that Nokia has formed an alliance with Microsoft. If Nokia had select Android over Windows it would have essentially been a "game over" for Microsoft in the space, but the Nokia deal opens a lot of potential for Microsoft when you think about it.

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