Tuesday, 8 March 2011

A Growing Market for iPhone, Branded Apps in Brazil

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The web 3.0 lab continues to follow the market in the BRICS. "In Brazil, a country with a population of 190 million, there were 173.9 million mobile phones by the end of 2009 -- that means 9 out of 10 people have one. While Brazil is only the world’s 10th largest economy, it has a higher cell phone penetration rate than that of the United States.

Costumes get into the act; Mobile phone man at carnival in Rio De Janeiro

While pre-paid phones dominate the market--82.55% of the market, vs 17.45% post-paid--the iPhone has become an object of desire in Brazil and is increasingly in popularity. It's also changing mobile behavior. Of the total number of mobile web hits in Brazil in February, almost half of them were made by the Apple phones, according to a recent survey.

"The most awaited phone of recent times, the iPhone draws the attention of Brazilian consumers primarily because of the media player and web browsing. While those features are common in most modern cell phones, the difference is in how they work. Songs, pictures and videos are accessed through an interface similar to the iPod, one of the most popular players in the world and in Brazil. The web access interface is similar to that of computers, so it's a more robust experience for users. For the Brazilian advertiser Tomas Prado Felicio, who bought his iPhone in November 2010 through the Claro carrier, the number of applications available, the touch screen, the built-in iPod and web access through a larger screen are the main qualities of the device.

There isn’t an official survey tracing the iPhone's Brazilian user profile so far. But in an informal consultation with some executives from operators Vivo, Claro and TIM, we learned that the majority are likely male-- about 70% --aged 20 to 40 that love technology and make more than USD $30,000 per year."

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