Tuesday, 8 March 2011

High Chance of Prolonged Protests in Kuwait

The Web 3.0 Lab is seeing some patterns which have emerged at the start of each of the recent Arab revolts where the Internet was readily available.

Mona Kareem
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  1. High tweeting coming from the ground. Tweeting in Kuwait City is extremely elevated over the past few days with today reaching a score of 71 for the center. Track in real time. In some areas during the day we saw geo-tagged tweeting in parts Kuwait city reaching 85 at which point it equaled the center of Paris. These levels are elevated for the Arab world.
  2. But given Kuwait City's population of over two million and the wealth of the nation this elevation does not necessarily indicate a political event. It could be users interested in larger events in the Arab world, or just prosperity leading to more smartphone and tablet usage.
  3. We are seeing a steady flow of posts on Twitter for the hashtage #8Mar, the day of Rage Planned for Kuwait. Many #Kuwait tweets are cross tagged with#8Mar. A large percentage of people talking about Kuwait are doing so in Arabic and talking about the 8 Mach protest.
  4. So we have established heavy tweeting and tweeting about the March 8th protests.
  5. There are reports that a young group will use Twitter to call for a protest, and the increased use of twitter would indicate that the protest are likely to begin.
Based upon our analysis of Twitter activity and hash content we believe that there is a profound chance that a period of prolonged protests may be about to beginning, or already has begun in Kuwait.

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