Sunday, 13 March 2011

The impact of the Tsunmai on Twitter useage in Costal area in Japan

The above image shows have tweeting from users in Wakabayashi Ward, a area heavily impacted by the Tsunami. Now look what happens as you move towards the coast.

A small move east and suddenly twitter density levels drop

And then a bit more east and there is not geo-tagged tweeting. Notice you are still in an urban area, but the Tsunami has wiped out all tweeting coming from this area.

There are two possible outcomes.
  • The first one is that the communication infrastructure system has been wiped out by the Tsunami.
  • But it is possible that even if cell infrastructure can reach part of these areas, no one can go there.

The images that we are seeing coming out of the area suggests is much more likely that it has created a " dead zone" from the Tsunami, where even if people could use there mobile phones, they could not go there.

UPDATE: in the few last minutes we have seen some tweeting returning to the coast region in but it is still very low.

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