Saturday, 5 March 2011

The Initiative For an Open Arab Internet-Human Rights Information (Anhri) advocating free use of the Internet without censorship, blocking or spying

The web 3.0 lab has been monitoring the Arab revolts and often because of censorship it is difficult to get a tweet density reading, but whenever we can we try to inform users on how to safely and securely access the internet. The "Initiative For an Open Arab Internet" also seeks to defend internet users, web-designers, and writers by organising legal and media campaigns and highlighting practices restricting Internet freedom.

The site provides a way for people to participate in expanding the space for freedom of the Internet, you can do the following:

- Send technical advise to users

- Inform us of blocked websites in your country

- Send us your experiences with censorship and other issues you find could be useful for other users

- Inform your friends about this website and invite them to participate in the action

- Send us information on seminars, workshops and/or websites concerned with the Internet

- Write an opinion article concerning the freedom to use the Internet

- Contact journalists and encourage them to cover this website and use documents posted on the website.

So please keep us posted if you or someone you know in the Arab world are experiencing blocking or censorship in your country.

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