Thursday, 31 March 2011

Web 3.0 lab founder Robert Hooker interviews Josh Williams founder of Gowalla

Video By Gail Orenstein for the web 3.0 lab/Clima

At the 2011 SocialMedia WorldForum in London we got to meet up with Josh Williams founder and CEO of Gowalla. Josh is a true visionary in the area of spatial web. We enjoyed a few minutes discussing how spatial data will impact the web, and how the love of travel and discovery helped motivate him to develop Gowalla as a tool of exploration. Josh also has some interesting things to say about the developing world and a near future dominated by
mobile access to the Internet.
Josh is one of the most articulate voices for how the spatial web will open new possibilities not just for finding goods and services but also expanding the global imaginations of people. This is definitely someone to follow in the field of Web 3.0 and location based services.

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