Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Lessons from Anonymous on cyberwar - Opinion - Al Jazeera English

Interesting op-ed piece in AlJazeera by Haroon Meer, the founder of Thinkst, an applied research company with a deep focus on information security. Op-ed piece has some interesting information about how a unfunded, distributed network of Anonymous hackers were able to utterly outsmart a well funded security firm.
Lessons from Anonymous on cyberwar - Opinion - Al Jazeera English:

"The CEO of HBGary prepared a post explaining how they had flexed their 'muscle today by revealing the identities of all the top management within the group Anonymous.'

"Anonymous were quick to respond.

"Even while Barr was proclaiming victory and threatening to 'take the gloves off', Anonymous were burrowing deeper into his network.

"By the end of the attack, Barr's iPad was reputedly erased, his LinkedIn and Twitter accounts were hijacked, the HBGary Federal website was defaced, proprietary HBGary source code was stolen and with over 71,000 private emails now published to the internet, HBGary was laid bare.

"In this, was our first lesson: The asymmetry of cyber warfare.

"HBGary, a well-funded, pedigreed security company with strong offensive cyber capabilities was given a beating by a non-funded, loosely organised hacker collective.

"The incident holds a string of lessons for those wishing to secure their networks from attack, but what's far more interesting is the leaked emails that give us insight into the murky world of 'cyber contractors' and what’s being called 'the military digital complex'. "

-Haroon Meer foolow Haroon on twitter

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