Monday, 14 March 2011

A mass crack down in Bahrain?

Photo By Gail Orenstein/courtesy of the web 3.0 lab/clima

We have observed a pattern we have seen before in the Bahrain today:
  1. First we saw a lot of accounts on twitter claiming the protesters were causing violence, making claims like kidnapping and attacking police we could not validate
  2. We also saw a number of accounts claiming to be ordinary Bahrainis talking about how the protesters were harming everyday life in the nation.
  3. The Saudi regime launched what can only be called an occupation of the country.
  4. Later today tweeting levels exploded around the country.
  5. We are reading a lot of reports on Twitter of violence.
  6. At about the same time the twitter accounts who were supporting the regime mostly vanished, in what we call a Troll Attack.
We can only conclude that a pretty violent crackdown on pro-democracy protesters is taking place in Bahrain right now. But that the protesters have not been broken and the levels of communication and organization are actually increasing.

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  1. thugs are now going from one area to another with guns although it's nearly impossible to get one in Bahrain! some of the caught thugs are actually employed in the ministry of internal affairs people are starting night watch comities to protect women, kids and senior citizens.