Friday, 4 March 2011


Our analysis of tweeting from the ground in Bahrain today indicate extremely high tweeting during the current protest. Track score in real time. At some points tweeting reached amazing levels for such a small nation. A score of 83

In the area just east of Pearl Roundabout we saw scores for tweeting reaching the 80s. To put this in context Berlin city center at roughly the same time 78.

The population of Berlin is over 3 million people. Modern mobile technology is common. Germans have a reputation of not liking to give out personal information like geo-tagged location, but given the recent violence in Bahrain we can only assume this is even more so the case for protests in Pearl Roundabout.

Consider some key facts these scores are really amazing.

First protesters in Pearl Roundabout have face violent repression and people have been killed. One would assume that there would be a very strong motivation to hide identity information, and yet even with these conditions tweeting intensity was very high.

Secondly the total population of all of Bahrain is about 1.2 million people. About 200,000 of these are Indian Nationals who may wish for their own safety and residency to avoid anti-government protests. This means the total population of Bahrain nationals to be closer to 1million. One million is the base population. To produce user generated tweets from the site of the protest at this level indicate that a massive protest is taking place in Bahrain.
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