Friday, 18 March 2011

A mobile phone that acts like a human-Human-Shaped Phone Adds Realism to Conversations

As we spend more time on our mobile phones, will we need to literally feel emotionally connected to it.
The Elfoid is the creation of Osaka University in Japan.

"People who place a voice call on their mobile phones often do so because there is something emotionally touching about hearing that person’s voice. A team of Japanese researchers have taken this concept one step further and created a phone that makes us feel a sense of human connection.

The phone is called the Elfoid and is unlike any mobile phone you’ve have ever seen before – instead of being shaped like a phone, it looks like a human doll. The Elfoid also lacks any keyboard or dial pad, something most of us prefer to have on our devices.

So how does this thing work? It operates using voice commands and has a speaker built into its chest, allowing you to hear what the person on the other end of the line is saying. It also has an LED light that stays red when the phone is in standby mode, but turns blue when it’s in use. And this is just the beginning; the researchers who crafted this new type of mobile phone hope to add the following features before it hits the market:

Motors so that the Elfoid can move
Temperature sensors
Image recognition functions
Voice recognition
Ability to “read” your face while you’re speaking and mimic your emotions back to you."

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