Wednesday, 16 March 2011

PREDICTION: Bahrain "lulu" protest movement will contiue

Photo By Gail Orenstein-Web 3.0 Lab/Clima
This morning we were deeply disturbed to watch a crack down carried out in Pearl Roundabout in real time via Twitter.

You can jail a Revolutionary, but you can't jail the Revolution .

Though at this time the forces of the Bahrain Regime and Saudis have managed to physically scatter the protesters from Pearl Roundabout the evidence we are seeing is that have not scattered the organization. We saw the same thing after a recent crack down in Tahrir Square Cairo. The protesters were forced out of the area by the government, but they maintained their cohesion and order via the use of Internet technology.

Based upon our tracking of tweeting intensity near Pearl Roundabout since the crack down, and the content in the related Twitter hashtags, we conclude that the protest movement in Bahrain will continue and perhaps even expand during the occupation and State of Emergency. The Cairo protests took place during a State of Emergency. The Saudi forces will be against the protesters, but like in Egypt as a entity the Saudi Army is heavily depend on US support and aid, and will therefore most likely be required not to mount a major China style crackdown.

Reading Twitter streams coming from the US we see that Obama is starting to loss the support of a wide range of groups in America because of his handling of the Middle East events in the past week, and the United States will be very keen on a massacre not taking place in Bahrain using American made weapons and American trained forces.

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