Friday, 11 March 2011

Sheffield will host Lib Dem conference today. Web 3.0 lab picking up on growing tweet density in Sheffield, England

The web 3.0 lab has picked up on high readings for the area of Sheffield. Protests against spending cuts are due to take place in the city on Friday. Organizers say 10,000 will take part in a demonstration in Sheffield.

Track Sheffield in real time.

We are seeing near the city center at about 55 to 66 on our Twitter geo-tagging density meter.

We assume protests might be collecting by the University since we see the highest tweeting around there.

But Sheffield is a city of half a million persons. Leeds is a city in the UK with a similar population and a University. Last we checked tweeting levels coming from near Leeds University were about 60.

Track Leeds in real time.

We are expecting the level of tweeting in Sheffield to rise above that in Leeds as protests associated with Liberal Democratic Conference continues over the weekend.

One thing we have observed in western democratic states that tweeting is not predictive of protests, but rather responsive.

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