Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Social Media Keynote at SMWF

Russel Lidstone Euro RSCG London is talking about social marketing advertising at a big firm.

These notes are more of my thoughts from the talk rather than a record of his talk.

Though the message of this mornings talks is that Social Media is new there is a growing understanding that it will be important. But it is not clear how social media will impact how people buy and sell. But we as yet do not have a very good understanding of how this may work. Russel Lidstone's talk was very illuminating for this.

RSCG was interesting for using Social Global marketing for Dulux paint. Paint would normally be seen as a commodity market: buckets of chemicals.

RSCG applied social thinking to selling paint. Paint is what applies colour to surfaces but these colours are used to change homes, to change communities and buildings, and to change our view of the world. Colour is a deeply social concept and by thinking in terms of the "benefits of colour" the social marketing campaign embraces the larger community to sell more paint.

Dulux "Lets Colour" embraces global community movements, it is positive and engaging. These values are essential to any activity in the social network world. Today a "Brand must be a Verb not a Noun."

The Dulux "Let's Colour" campaign using blogs, social media and events to engage people and communities to form a wider social concept of colour in culture. In the end the marketing extended beyond the TV commercial. Rather the idea was to make people think of Dulux when they think of colour. To advertise in a social media world requires a social engagement.

It probably should be no surprise the role social media has played in recent Arab Protests. Social Media, if you are selling something or not, is always about engagement (my thought here).

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  1. Fascinating!, as a painter this really strikes near to home. Interesting to see Social Media changing the advertising community especially w/ something as comparatively banal as paint! We've only seen the tip of the iceberg so far...