Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Some key lessons about Tweeting from Dell

This morning at the Social Media World Conference in London Kerry Bridge from Dell made some salient points about an effective twitter campaign. Rather than trying to sum up Dell's position I will just p0int a fews things I noticed:
  • Does your corporate twitter page have photos embedded, maybe on the side? People will respond much more positively to a person than a corporate image.
  • Does you twitter pages have its message clearly? People should be able to clearly understand what the twitter site is about from reading its introduction.
  • Does you site have clear links to your web page?
  • Are you engaging? A twitter page should be more of a forum or space than just another channel for corporate communications.
Early today some very interesting discussions on brand today. A key lesson learned was that brands are no longer you servant, but more like your grown up children. You need to raise your brands well to be sure they will function well on their own in the social Internet.

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