Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Some things learned on Social Branding from Social Media World Forum #SMWF London

Having a interesting conference at #SMWF

This morning there as a high power team of large brands and successful social marketers like Dell, Smart Cars, Unilever, Habbo Hotel, and several others giving presentations on Social Media and brands.

Summing up some key points;
  • Social media as a tool of branding is very new and there is a lack of uniform methods and measures.
  • This lack of methods and measures will almost certainly be short lived as firms ask for ROI on money spend in Social Media.
  • This will start an age of unprecedented data collection.
  • Social media certainly removes much of the power of a companies brand from its own marketing and PR people, and moves it to the social community. Brands need to be "raised right" and leave home to be right.
  • Social networks could make brand identity even more important, as the world of Internet becomes more as a mob it will be more important to have a solid reputation and even harder to obtain it.
  • Open Social Community will not, therefore, end the "brand" as we know it. In the opinion of presenter after presenter it will make it more important, but branding is their jobs.
  • Companies need to learn from their mistakes. Getting 'punked' in media, learning to deal with the social media properties, information getting out there requires that brands be more authentic and deal more with feedback. If you delete user comments in one forum you will get 'punked' on alternative parts of the social network.
  • Companies need to move beyond the "no bad news and no failures" mentality, and many branders expressed a unwillingness to delete any comment.
  • A community based brand can, when being 'punked' or trolled, actually defend itself. This was an experience recently with Smart Car.

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