Sunday, 13 March 2011

Thomas Hawk Digital Connection » Blog Archive » An Open Letter to Carol Bartz, CEO Yahoo Inc.

The following lines are taken from an open letter by long time Internet Image Activist and free speech advocated Thomas Hawk to Carol Bartz CEO of Yahoo over the removal of Hossam عمو حسام pictures taken from the Secret Service on Flickr.

"also hope that you would also take a hard look at the institutional culture at Flickr. A culture that thinks publicly posting a photo of a masturbating dinosaur award for community abuse is funny, yet blows a major PR opportunity by abusing totally the wrong customer is not the right culture for an engaged social media company going forward.

"Yahoo and Flickr can and should do better than this."

Thomas is a old hand at this an we are impressed that he keeps it up. But actually Flickr used to be cool, it still has some nice technology, it simply needs to reform it constitutional understanding of what a social network is. The thing is the users of the Internet in Cairo have some experience in Constitutional change.

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