Friday, 4 March 2011

Today, the protests in Lulu take the day

We continue to see elevated levels of tweeting around #lulu and on the routes of the protests. See tweet levels in real time. But we are also seeing elevated tweet levels all of the North East of Bahrain, indicating a very active tweep population. Tweep is the term many people on twitter call each other.

Viewing the hashtags for the two sites of protest we are see much more activity on the tage #lulu than #alfatih

From the web 3.0 analysis of Bahrain today we conclude:

  1. The anti-government protesters have staged a very large protest in Bahrain this Friday

  2. That the protest has extended well beyond Pearl Roundabout and elevated tweets coming from much of Manāma, Bahrain

  3. There is heavy tweeting also coming from the west of Manāma, but little in the south suburbs near the PM residency and National Stadium
  4. For today alt east in the battle of memes on Twitter, the opposition in Bahrain has been more vocal and more present than their opponents.

    We suspect that the Western Suburbs are homes to many in the opposition, could someone confirm please?
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  1. yes western and northwestern areas tend to be opposition areas

  2. Thanks, I could actually deduce that from following the intensity of tweeting coming from those locations before the recent protests. West suburbs come alive a few hours before something big happens in lulu.