Friday, 4 March 2011

Turkey blocks Blogger over a game!

Turkish football fan, AP

BBC News - Blogspot banned in football row:

"A row over who can broadcast football matches in Turkey has led to Google's Blogger site being blocked.

"A court in Turkey issued the ban in response to a copyright complaint by satellite TV firm Digiturk.

"It complained when it discovered that some matches it was broadcasting were showing up on blogspot blogs written on the Blogger site.

"About 600,000 Turkish bloggers are thought to use the Google tool to publish their personal journals.

"The ban has been imposed because Turkey's copyright protection laws allow for entire services to be shut down.

"In October, 2010 Turkey lifted a ban on YouTube that had been in place for two years."

The logic of this shows that Turkey really does not get it. The bloggers who used blogspot will be able to access the site via proxy and move content to services that are not blocked. Handing down massive bans like this which are utterly unjust just piss users off and give them a motivation to spend hours and hours to figure out how to get you. Turkey has just made a massive headache for itself.

What we are seeing again and again is that Web 2.0 and even more so Web 3.0 technology makes individual people more agile than established state powers.

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